American Cinematographer

An American Cinematographer Who Will Bring Your Vision to Life

You understand the importance of great cinematography if you work in the film business. You can have an amazing script, director, and cast, but if the visual storytelling is bland and uninspiring it will be tough to connect with an audience.

Take a look at my portfolio if you’re looking for an American cinematographer who understands how to tell a story through images. I’ve worked with major brands like Twitter, Microsoft, and Kia to bring their products and ideas to life. Great cinematography is all about setting the stage for the story to unfold. A car driving down a normal suburban block is something we see every day and is unlikely to inspire awe or emotion. But a car jetting through a desolate mountain landscape is a scene that makes the viewer pay attention.

Besides the setting, the framing of the subject and the camera angles you choose are of the utmost importance. Whether it’s a film or an advertisement, you want to see the subject in visceral detail. You want to showcase it in its most vulnerable state to reveal what makes it interesting. Filming a scene from the same tired angles and point of view doesn’t make for good visual storytelling. You have to showcase what makes the subject larger than life, yet also make it personal and approachable at the same time.

I’m an American cinematographer with years of experience helping brands and filmmakers give their ideas life through my passion for style and imagery. Cinematography is an often-misunderstood art – it’s all about enhancing great ideas, not simply depicting them exactly as they are. Great cinematography can transform your film or commercial from a run of the mill production to a spectacular visual odyssey that viewers are forced to pay attention to. Give me a call today if you like my work and have an upcoming project that needs something extra.

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