Known for his striking visuals and his collaboration with legendary projects, Henkels has 20 plus years of prolific work. Growing up on the streets of Philly as a rogue skater, Henkels uses his edge and approaches every situation with the keen eye of a German Designer intermingled with the humor of a Polish Sweater Knitter.

Henkels' got his start shooting hundreds of video art, skateboard and music videos including the legendary Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" during his college years. Coming out of Art Center in Pasadena, he quickly found his niche shooting high-end, well-designed award-winning commercials. 


Exploring narrative, Henkels went on to shoot  "Author: JT Leroy Story"  and "American Epic", both of which featured in Sundance the same year,  Mel Brooks "American Masters", "Life Before Her Eyes" with Uma Thurman; "Mall" - about a gunman loose in a mall starring Vincent D'Onofrio & Gina Gershon; "Condemned" with Dylan Penn & Lydia Hurst; and Henkels' directing debut in "MILFriend" - a comedy about crazy-ass moms in gentrifying Venice beach. 

Henkels' pursuit of social and current story-telling with beautifully crafted visuals is apparent in all his works.          





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