Film Director

A Film Director and Cinematographer Available for Advertising Commercials

Commercial filmmaking is a different art form than the creation of dramatic films. Advertising commercials require you to sell a product, not just an idea or perspective. It can often be difficult for creative minds to sell a product without sacrificing their aesthetic vision. It’s something that I struggled with but eventually mastered. I’ve been honored to create stunning ads for brands like Twitter, Microsoft, and Blue Cross and it’s work that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m now offering my services as a film director for ads in addition to cinematography.

I strive to make the ads I direct visually stunning and hard to ignore. I choose projects carefully and never work with a company that doesn’t appreciate bold storytelling. The popular misconception is that ads should be light and fluffy and not challenge the viewer in any way. I believe the opposite and think that great advertising commercials provoke thought and discourse. Creating ads that are bland and uninspiring can almost guarantee that they will go unnoticed by the viewing population. Ads that are bold and decisive that spread a message people care about are the ones that cut through the white noise and lead to increased brand awareness.

So, if you need a film director for advertising commercials, please contact my agent. I’m always excited to work with new brands and help them develop their media strategy. I love taking a product or a concept and creating a whole universe around it. Great storytelling is necessary to the success of any business and I love to help brands connect with an audience through the medium of film. Get in touch today if you have a project you’d like to bring to my attention.

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