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An International Cinematograph for the Movie and Film Industry

My name is Richard Henkels and I’m an international cinematographer with years of experience working in the movie and film industry. I’ve won several awards for my work at reputable film festivals like Sundance and SXSW. I’ve been blessed to have a career that spans 20+ years and I’ve been able to work on a wide range of films and documentaries. I’m available to work on your next film project or commercial if you like my visual style.

Cinematography is a labor of love. Most people don’t understand the lengths you must go to get the perfect shot. The hours of trying to get the lighting just right or the countless takes that are necessary to capture the right mood and emotion. But it’s a labor I’m happy to undertake to create stunning visual tapestries that enhance the brilliance of the screenwriters and directors I work with. My goal is to take your ideas and concepts and bring them to life on the screen. Many filmmakers have a particular vision they want to bring to the world but aren’t equipped to fully articulate it themselves. I want to help with that process.

Great cinematography is difficult to master, it’s a technical skill as well as a creative skill and you must have the ability to be both an artist and an analytical thinker. I’ve been blessed to have an amazing career in the movie and film industry, and I want to offer my services to any visionary filmmakers who need help translating their ideas onto the big screen. I look for passion and talent more than I look at fame and name recognition and I’ll work with anyone who has a project that piques my interest. Give my agent a call if you’re in search of an acclaimed international cinematographer for your next film or TV series.

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